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*Weapons may be cursed. Keep away from children. Do not ingest soul gems. For use on hallowed ground only. Use protective glyphs while handling. Do not combine with Wirt’s Leg and Tome of Town Portal using Horadric Cube (sold separately). Contact Blizzard Entertainment support in case of unholy auras, demonic visitations, or other paranormal phenomena. Blizzard Entertainment shall not be held responsible for loss of souls or property damage caused by monsters, the undead, demons, or any other type of Lesser or Prime Evil.

É, 1º de abril acabou exatamente 19 minutos atrás, mas não pude deixar de postar esses links que recebi por email do meu amigo Edgard… Conheçam a nova expansão de Diablo II, a Loot Piñata, e a nova classe de StarCraft II, Tauren Marine:



Ah, faltou o Bardo…



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